Physical Education

Physical Education and Sports are the fundamentals of the early development of children and youth. These contribute to the holistic development of young people. Sports are an integral part of a person’s life. Different sports develop different skills and have positive thinking, which is important for a person to endure difficulties. It is a constructive expenditure of energy and that is why physical education is important to every individual.

Sports Academy

The BGS Sports Academy is a multi-disciplined body catering to various disciplines like Cricket, Golf, Swimming, Football, Volleyball, Tennis, Basketball, Athletics etc. The BGS Sports Academy also undertakes International Exchange Programme’s by inviting cricket teams and other sports teams from Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore & various other countries across the globe. We have a cricket ground with the pitches of International Standards.


Our team of experienced coaches excel in teaching the basic skills, fitness and teamwork required in cricket, through promoting stimulating and motivating learning environments. The classes are structured based on the age and skill level of the kids. We ensure uniform development of cricketing skills and motor skills development.