Cambridge AS and A levels

Cambridge International AS & A Level develops deep subject knowledge, conceptual understanding and higher order thinking skills.

The curriculum is reviewed frequently to make sure Cambridge qualifications reflect the latest developments in education. In revising Cambridge International AS & A Level syllabuses we have consulted with some of the world’s leading higher education institutes – including the University of Cambridge, Harvard and MIT.

The curriculum is aimed at developing a firm grasp of the subject’s key concepts – concepts that, once grasped, enable learners to solve problems or understand new aspects of their subject. Students develop the skills they need for life and to achieve at school, university and work.

Students at BGSIAS have a wide choice of four subjects to choose from English Language, Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Economics, Business, Accounting, Global Perspective, Information Technology and Computer Science.

Cambridge International AS & A Level is taught in 130 countries, with over 575,000 students sitting for the examinations every year. the heritage and breadth of use means there is robust support for schools.