Today, as I watched my daughter Lavanya graduate, I can see how much she has grown as an individual in the past two years, being in BGSIAS. It reminded me of our first day when I came here for her admission and met Principal Sir, and how he assured me of the change that I see in her today . From being an introverted child, who barely was interested in interacting with people or socialising or taking any initiative for anything at all, to this individual who she has become today who showcases excellent teamwork, and team spirit. I cannot thank the entire team of teachers and  the support and leadership of Principal Sir enough, who have made this all  possible . Today when I look at her , I see an extremely confident girl , who is excellent in her communication skills and social skills and who has made so many friends here and who recieved love from not only her fellow class mates but also her juniors . The relationship she has built with the teachers and the school is remarkable and so endearing and I am so so happy and content,  that I made BGSIAS my choice for Lavanya two years back . I am sure that the school has given her the wings to fly high and she will walk on the path that this school has helped her carve for herself . Despite all the challenges of being the first ever IB batch, Principal Sir and the teachers did everything possible to make it  a smooth  journey .They were with the parents, every step of our way, addressing our concerns and considering our suggestions .  Academically, Lavanya has come leaps and bounds from where she was when she passed her 10th CBSE . She loves to study , which wasn’t the case before .  I saw her working really hard , showing so much enthusiasm in completing her assignments from time to time . And her scores have improved so much .I can proudly say that BGSIAS was the perfect choice for my daughter .

Beena Murali 
Founder /CEO 
Le Collectif India 

BGSIAS embodies what early childhood education means to young ones. I have watched my daughter’s innate curiosity be nurtured and, as a result, blossom during her time at BGSIAS. The school offers kids a safe place to take risks and develop their strengths and weaknesses through critical thinking. Each child is viewed as unique. They are taught to view themselves and their classmates as valuable contributors within BGSIAS community.

My sincere thanks to BGS International Academia School, my daughter view herself as confident, competent learner which is a characteristic that will benefit her far beyond her school years. I can’t say enough about the time and effort the teachers and staff put into each child. Their dedication and love of their craft is what makes this school so special and unique.

There is no better place to start a child’s educational journey than  BGSIAS.

Capt. Malini 
Designation: CEO 
Organization: Vayuyana Aerospace