President Sri Adhichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust®

Education has a two-fold function to perform in the life of a man in society; one is utility and the other is culture. Education at BGSIAS is to enable a child to become more efficient to achieve, with the increasing facility, the legitimate goals of his life.  Imbuing students with the knowledge to just get by is an old-school belief. The idea is that we provide students with the skills they require to be lifelong learners. Hence, learning how to learn is one of the key elements of education. 

Since ancient times, one of the purposes of education has been to bring people to a complete realization of what it is to be a human being.  The International Education system’s purpose is not just to produce a literate society, but it is to produce a learning society.

Daniel Pink, in his book ‘A whole New mind’, argues that as a society we have transcended the knowledge age to the conceptual age where our problems no longer have a single verifiable answer. Therefore, young minds are given real-life issues to come up with creative solutions. BGSIAS strives to incorporate those changes in young minds, who not only look at themselves but also at the society around them. The future is for the children who must bring something different to the table. They will be valued for their unique contributions and their ability to think creatively, take initiative, and incorporate a global perspective into their decisions.

At BGSIAS the purpose of education is focused on social, academic, and intellectual development so that students can grow up to be involved citizens who will be the agents of change.

Sri Sri Sri Dr. Nirmalanandhanatha Maha Swamiji
President of Sri Adhichunchanagiri Shikshana Trust®