Managing Director BGSIAS

Education is the key to overall development, and it aims to unlock the hidden potential of each child.

At BGSIAS, we have a vision to prepare the world citizens – ‘VISHWAMANAVA’ the concept proposed by our national poet Kuvempu. This concept is materialized by introducing International Education.  To be a world citizen who will be the agent of change by applying the knowledge to create a better world. 

The international education system crosses disciplinary, national, cultural, and demographical boundaries.  Children are equipped with the skills and dispositions needed for taking responsible action for the future.

BGSIAS aims to be the learning hub where diversity and experimentation become the norm.  This is done by man-machine interactions where teachers and technology are adopted to give learning experiences for children.  Children of the 21st century are tech oriented as they have more options to learn than the traditional method.  Teachers at BGSIAS are those individuals who are making the future minds of the world possible.

The integration of technology in our school for personalised learning where children adopt tools or software to assist learning needs and styles.  It is also to determine the type of knowledge students need to thrive in a technology-saturated workforce.

At BGSIAS we use technology to augment teaching in the classroom and make or create an echo system to take ownership of learning, called self-directed learners.

Our experience in education over two decades has made us rethink the education system and the future of education where uncertainty became certain. Hence, BGSIAS focuses on skills and competencies for future generations to be agents of change.

We envision world citizens who act on global issues and become a better version of himself/herself.

I welcome you all to join hands to create World Citizens.

Sir. Sri. Dr. Prakashanath Swamiji
Managing Director,
BGS & SJB Group of institutions and BGS Hospitals