Boarding Experience

Home is where the Heart is.

Good boarding schools persist over time because they appeal to families seeking education that makes a deep impact, focusing not only on academic training but also on good character, habits of life-long learning, a sense of collaboration and active citizenship.

Life in hostels at BGSIAS is almost certainly different from that at home. Hostellers are expected to learn a greater degree of independence than they might experience at home. They also need to foster good relationships with their peers. For many, at BGSIAS life in the hostel can be both enjoyable and rewarding, as students discover talents and interests which they never knew they had.

Here at BGSIAS, A hostel is just not a building that shelters students who come from far-off places, but it’s an institution of learning by itself, it’s a place where a student learns to be independent and grow up in confidence. They live together with each other and learn how to behave in society, value discipline and continuous collaboration makes them better citizens.

BGSIAS hostels are well-appointed and have all the facilities that help the children live and grow in an environment that they can identify as their home, and we strongly believe that the values of caring, sharing, and community living must be inculcated in our students from the very beginning.

The atmosphere of our hostel is in accordance with the vision of our school, which gives us direction to move forward in preparing future world-class citizens, and most importantly it is conducive to study.

At BGS International Academia School, we aim to:

  • Nurture the development of the whole student, both academically and in terms of personal development
  • Create an open and trusting ethos in which each boarder feels able to approach any other member of the community (staff or students), confident in the knowledge that he or she will be treated and respected as an individual
  • Promote an atmosphere of tolerance, openness, and trust in which teasing, harassment, and bullying are seen as unacceptable
  • Provide the conditions for boarders to develop their intellectual talents through offering well-structured conditions for homework and private study, encouraging participation in extra-curricular activities and hobbies, and providing opportunities related to age and maturity that will assist in the personal, social and cultural development of each boarder

  • To enable each student to fulfil their own potential both academically and socially.
  • To ensure that each student has access to personal, vocational and academic guidance and support where required.
  • To make available opportunities for and encourage students to exercise individual and social responsibility.
  • To promote in students the self-awareness and self-confidence that they need to face the challenges, both academic and personal, that are placed on them.