Cambridge Primary

The focus of the program is to provide of strong foundation on which the children are molded to be life long term academic achievements. IAS provides a caring teacher who closely work with your child to enhance with the key elements of primary curriculum and further supplement it with an extensive co-curricular program.

With a less than fifteen students per classroom, teachers will be able to provide personal attention where a children achieve their individual potential.

The subject taught are English, Hindi, French, Mathematics, Science, Global Perspective, Physical Education, Art and Design, Music, Dance and Drama.

During the primary program, learners develop a sense of taking ownership of their studies and be sufficiently prepared as they advance to Lower Secondary Program. Cambridge Primary assessment uses internationally benchmarked tests, giving parents extra trust in the feedback they receive. Cambridge Primary Checkpoint Examination is an optional assessment from Cambridge, recommended at the end of the primary programme and  marked by Cambridge examiners.